Who we are

Anawim Today reports stories of the down-trodden people from around the world. We believe that every human being has the right to liberty, personal freedom, freedom of thought, conscience and religion.
Anawim Today strives to report stories of people from parts of the world where people are completely denied fundamental freedoms or where such freedoms are curtailed.
We strive to report stories of the voiceless from across the globe with a view to raise global awareness about the plight of the oppressed people, and unveil factors behind the failure of systems in these nations which contribute towards unfairness, discrimination against and persecution of weaker segments of society.
Anawim Today aims to have its correspondents in nations where people suffer injustice on account of being marginalised or because of their religion or belief.
We are committed to promoting qualitative and authentic journalism.
We achieve this by independently verifying an incident before publishing a story.
We endeavour to disclose our sources when we can. We will not mention our sources in cases where such a disclosure may put our reporters at risk of harm from forces who would not like them to unveil the truth. You can republish our stories with appropriate attribution.